​Cash For Cars Tacoma 


2008 Toyota Scion tC
#7     $5495 OBO

2006 Toyota Scion xB

​#3     $3995 OBO

2006 Toyota Scion xB

#4     $3995 OBO

#9 2008 Toyota Scion xD   RS 1.0 Hot Lava Orange

 $5995     5 speed manual    #534 of 2000

All Recovery Auto Sales

Buy, Sell, Trade, Donate.   We sell vehicles at low prices. Our low overhead saves you money! Call me and I will tell you all about our vehicles! Come see, I will show you, take a test drive it and feel how great these cars are! 

Please call, text, or email for information;   (253) 255-6044 allrecoverywa@gmail.com                     Special internet prices!​​

    1   2003 Kia Spectra 4 cylinder 5 speed manual, 200,044 miles, runs and drives good                                                                                                $1095 

    2   2004 Scion xB 4cylinder Automatic 1.5L Toyota VVT-i Motor 236k miles! Lowered Runs Like a Champ, Blue & Beautiful                                      $3495

    3   2005 Scion xB 4cylinder Automatic 1.5L Toyota VVT-i Motor 152499 Miles, White Stock runs and drives great.                       (Coming Soon!)    $3995

    4   2006 Scion xB 4cylinder 1.5L Toyota VVT-i Motor Automatic 143376 Miles, Super clean! Runs and drives amazing! Well maintained.                 $3995 
    5   2006 Scion xB 4cylinder 1.5L Toyota VVT-i Motor Automatic 106132 Miles, Nice Scion Rims, Roof Spoiler! Runs and drives great.                     $4595

    6   2006 Scion tC 4cylinder 2.4L Toyota VVT-i Motor Automatic 150K Miles, Brand new tires, fresh breaks, runs and drives great!                            $4595

    7   2008 Scion tC 4cylinder 5speed 2.4L Toyota VVT-i Motor 128k Miles, Navigation, All Four Brand New Struts & Tires, Piano Moon Roof              $5495

    8   2008 Mini Cooper  British Edition 1.6L 4 Cylinder Six Speed Manual, 110157 Miles, New breaks & rotors up front, Runs and drives great!          $4595

    9   2008 Scion xD RS1.0 4cylinder 5speed 1.8L Toyota VVT-i Motor, 112k Miles Hot Lava Orange! #534 of 2000                                                      $5995

   10  2011 Scion xD 4cylinder 5speed 1.8L Toyota VVT-i Motor, 80K Miles! Beautiful new tires new brakes, I clocked over 43MPG!!                            $7295 



                     Contact Ken (253) 255-6044   allrecoverywa@gmail.com
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​​2003 Kia Spectra

#1     $1095 OBO

2008 Mini Cooper

#8     $5995 OBO

2011 Toyota Scion xD

​#10     $7295 OBO  

2004 Toyota Scion xB

​#2     $3495 OBO

    All Recovery Auto Sales. Please call before stopping by to confirm someone is here, and the gate is open.
Vin's are posted at the dealer. On call and available for viewing seven days a week 7:30 AM to 7 PM Monday through Sunday. Our normal business hours are from 8AM to 2PM Monday through Friday. We are available by phone. Please call when stopping by to make sure someone is here. If you are in the area feel free to look around during business hours. All Recovery Services of Washington LLC. 
    We don't offer in-house financing at this time. Our vehicles are affordable so we want people who are looking for similar vehicles to check out our prices! Compare other dealer prices with ours! All ad prices expires seven days, all sales are final. + T and L. A negotiable documentation fee of up to $150 may be added to the final sales price. We usually ask for $30 to $50 for documentation services.

                                       Our Current Inventory

New Wheel Caps Installed!

2006 Toyota Scion xB

​#6    $4595 OBO

2006 Toyota Scion xB

#5     $4595 OBO

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​#3  2005 Toyota Scion xB (Coming Soon!)