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#1213 14 FRS Gray 6 speed 49k miles          WR        $10995

#1232 08 xD Hot Lava Manual 112k miles     OR           $4995​​

#1239 05 xB Maroon Manual 124k miles       CT           $4395​​

#1249 08 xD Hot Lava Manual 129k miles     CT           $4995​

#1270 2008 tC Maroon Auto 112k miles         CT           $5595

#1272 2008 tC Black Auto 107k miles            OR          $1795

Page 2 Inventory List ​​

#1275 79 Mercedes 300D 5cyl diesel 219k miles CT    $1095

#1276 06 xB Silver Manual 172k miles                  CT    $3995

#1278 05 Tundra SR5 Access Cab 2wd 229k        CT   $7995

#1279 06 xB Green Manual 155k miles                  CT   $3995
#1280 04 xB RS Hot Lava Auto 140k miles           CT   $5995

#1282 96 Rav4 2dr Awd Green Manual 136k         CT   $5595
#1283 66 GMC 3000 BB 305v6 Not Running         CT   $1295

#1285 09 xD Silver Auto 105k miles                      CT    $5395

#1286 09 xD Black Auto 140k miles Private Sale CT    $5395

#1287 04 Element Orange Auto 172k miles  (ComingSoon!)

CT- Vehicle has a Clean WA Title

OR- OR "Totaled Vehicle"- Definition Below

​WR- WA Rebuilt Title- Definition Below

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ORS 801.527 “Totaled vehicle”;

“totaled.” “Totaled vehicle” or “totaled” means:

      (1) A vehicle that is declared a total loss by an insurer that is obligated to cover the loss or that the insurer takes possession of or title to.

      (2) A vehicle that is stolen, if it is not recovered within 30 days of the date that it is stolen and if the loss is not covered by an insurer.

      (3) A vehicle that has sustained damage that is not covered by an insurer and that is such that the estimated cost to repair the vehicle is equal to at least 80 percent of the retail market value of the vehicle prior to the damage. For purposes of this subsection, “retail market value” shall be as reflected in publications relied upon by financial institutions doing business in this state. [1991 c.820 §2]

​WA Rebuilt Title- Legal definition coming!

Generally in WA a vehicel is considered to be rebuilt if the vehicle was totaled by an insurance company. In order for a vehicle to be totaled it must reach 80% of the retail fair market value for the cost to repair. 

RCW  46.04.587
Total loss vehicle."Total loss vehicle" means a vehicle that has been reported to the department as destroyed by an insurance company, self-insurer, or the vehicle owner or the owner's authorized representative.

RCW  46.04.514
Salvage vehicle."Salvage vehicle" means a vehicle whose certificate of title has been surrendered to the department under RCW  46.12.600 due to the vehicle's destruction or declaration as a total loss or for which there is documentation indicating that the vehicle has been declared salvage or has been damaged to the extent that the owner, an insurer, or other person acting on behalf of the owner, has determined that the cost of parts and labor plus the salvage value has made it uneconomical to repair the vehicle. "Salvage vehicle" does not include a motor vehicle having a model year designation of a calendar year that is at least six years before the calendar year in which the vehicle was wrecked, destroyed, or damaged, unless, after June 13, 2002, and immediately before the vehicle was wrecked, destroyed, or damaged, the vehicle had a retail fair market value of at least the then market value threshold amount and has a model year designation of a calendar year not more than twenty years before the calendar year in which the vehicle was wrecked, destroyed, or damaged.

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Vin's are posted at the dealer. 

We don't offer in-house financing at this time. Our vehicles are affordable so we want people who are looking for similar vehicles to check out our prices! Compare other dealer prices with ours! All ad prices expires seven days, all sales are final. + T and L. A negotiable documentation fee of up to $150 may be added to the purchase price or capitalized cost. We usually ask for $30 to $50 for documentation services, (This is the only difference in price from a private owner sale that we will ask for. As a licensed dealer we collect the tax and license fees at the time of the sale).